Jason A. Walls, Associate

Direct: (713) 263-3017   [email protected]

For over the last eight years, Jason’s legal practice has focused primarily on the procurement of patents and trademarks and copyrights, and on the management of Intellectual Property portfolios. Jason excels in learning new technologies and in Patent Prosecution. Jason complements well the Firm’s extensive experience in a variety of technologies, with experience in technologies related to the oilfield and petrochemical industries.

Jason has handled IP-related matters involving hydrocarbon retrieval and processing; produced water remediation; hydraulic fracturing fluids; wireline technologies, including downhole measurement, analysis, control, and communications systems; geological drilling services, including mud logging services and gas detection systems; structural engineering systems and materials; medical devices; and consumer products. Jason is also well versed in the chemical arts, having handled many IP-related matters involving polymer and material science, catalysis, plastics processing, composites, nanotechnology, analytical chemistry, and compositions.

Jason received a B.S., Chemistry & Physics, from Lamar University in 2003 and a J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center in 2008. Jason also spent a year of graduate work in Chemistry at Rice University. Jason is an active member of the Texas State Bar (2008) and a Patent Attorney registered with the U.S.P.T.O. (2009). In addition to “preparation and prosecution”, Jason lends support in litigation matters and IP portfolio studies.